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10 Makeup Tips For Attractive Eyes


The wedding season is here and here are 10 Makeup Tips For Attractive Eyes. There is so much that you can do with makeup, and a lot of it can not be learned from the videos of 30 seconds on Instagram. You need to read some tips to understand how they work.

Have you ever heard that the beauty of a person lies in the eyes of the beholder? Well, yes it does. But, do you know when a person looks at you, what catches their attention first? Your eyes. So if you are interested in making an impact, consider putting in some extra work in your eyes and you will have a blast!

Purpose Behind The Makeup Tips For Attractive Eyes

Attractive eyes mean an interesting instant connection can be built between two people. Even if you do not want to attract someone or seem pretty to others, having good make up skills can be very potent for good confidence and grooming purposes. The festive season can be very draining and if you want to enjoy it to the fullest you should look the part.

Enjoy these 10 Makeup Tips for attractive eyes and tell us what you think. These work like magic and we bet on it that you can not find this much useful information in one video, ever.

Cautionary Makeup Tips For Attractive Eyes:

You should know a few cautionary tips first. Then we will get into creative ways to stand out and make your eyes pop followed by the more complicated ones in the end.

1. Do not fill your eye up with black eye shadow

If you want smoky eyes, follow it through the right procedure. Layering a thick layer of eyeshadow or eyeliner or even kajal is not the way to do it.

2. Don’t forget the mascara

You can not leave your eyes done without a mascara. The secret ingredient to everyday natural glam and party makeup both lies in the mascara. You can use clear mascara for a day time look. But, a thin layer of a good quality mascara that does NOT have a smell is important for a glam look.

3. Use neons, yellows, and gold with caution

You should be careful in using oranges, reds, and yellows. A copper eye will look small and unattractive. Many people can not handle yellow either. The yellow or red should only be a small touch, never a full-color theme on the eye. A yellowish gold will make your eyes look more yellow and that ain’t pretty.

Secret Makeup Tips For Attractive Eyes:

4. Brown under eyes are the way to go

You should always smoke out your lower lashline. If there is eyeliner on the top eyelash, then you have to have a brown eye show in a matte shade on the lower lash line if not a dark kohl liner. Neutral browns tend to blend in with brown eyes making them look bigger and sultrier.

5. Secret Makeup Tips For Attractive Eyes Pop of pink or champagne

You can use any metallic pink color on the inner corner and it will make your eyes bigger and prettier. The following is the correct way to use yellow or neons in the inner corners.

6. Do not forget to prime

Primer is important. The secret to sexy eyes is a neat and tidy makeup look. For that, you must use a silicon-based primer. This will keep your make up on the eye without looking like a painter’s dirty cloth. Smudged eyeshadows are not fun after all.

Pro Makeup Tips For Attractive Eyes:

7. Blend, Blend, Blend

A good eye makeup look will use a minimum of 3 or 4 makeup brushes. This is because you can not blend the eye makeup without the right brushes. You can not use one brush to do everything either.

Use a small flat eyeshadow brush to pack some color on the eye. Then use a blending brush to add color to the crease. Use the smallest brush for the eyeliner. And use a small blending brush for the bottom lash line.

8. Use deep tones on the Bottom Lashline

If you want to wear brown eyeshadow but make your eye look big then try adding a tiny bit of purple, blue or green on lower lash line or waterline.

9. Wear Falsies

False lashes are the difference between a good makeup look and a messy makeup look. It can hide any imperfections in the eye makeup.

10. Invest in a waterline pencil

A white eyeliner pencil or a nude one can be a great addition to your collection if you want a glamorous eye game

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