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How To Master Your Morning Routine and Wake Up Happier

How to improve your Morning Routine and wake up happier

How to Improve your Morning Routine and wake up happier

We bring you a short and sweet guide to waking up happier and kickstarting a morning routine.

Do you want to wake up at a regular time and make your day more productive? Do you like to start your day on a positive note or would you like to start an effective morning routine from today? Then keep reading.

This guide will help you be more positive in life in general and motivate you to make a few adjustments that can improve your lifestyle and emotional status.

Small changes to make to your life, in order to start a healthy morning routine:

You do not need to make big changes or do crazy things for you to be an efficient morning person. You can be happy and energetic in the morning with just a few changes such as:

1. Plan for a healthy or fancy breakfast for your morning routine.

The same old toast and jam or even tea are neither enough to get you through the day nor good enough for you to wake up excited. If you want excitement in your day you should start with the first meal of the day. You don’t have to eat super sugary or super diet foods. You just need what will make you happy.

How to Improve your Morning Routine and wake up happier

2. Push for 8 hours of sleep for a happier morning.

If you can not sleep on time, you do not have to. Just make sure you do not shift your sleep timings every night. Stick to a time range and ENSURE that you sleep for 8 total hours during the day. Even if it is in two parts or at once, 8 hours should be your goal.

3. Plan your day at night, for a healthy morning routine.

Sounds old, but it is not. You need three things for the next day, every day, and these are an outfit, some food, and batteries in your items like phone and laptop. When it is done at night, you will have a great start the next day, such as before going to work, school or at home.

How to Improve your Morning Routine and wake up happier

4. Perfect Morning Routine: Shower when you wake up.

You do not want to be that person who does not shower until the latter half of the day. Smell nice, look sharp and be clean. This tip can improve your confidence and self-esteem as well as get more work done.

5. Read positive affirmations, resist social media.

Social media pushes us to compare ourselves with others, and that is toxic. Start your day with a good blog, positive thinking, Pinterest and some prayers, you will be a lot happier than you are right now.

6. Be Grateful

Being thankful to people around you and feeling the kindness, gratuity and love around you is key to every person’s happiness. You can not be happy if you take things for granted. Be grateful when you rise and keep being so during the rest of the day.

Did we miss out your favorite tip? Tell us so we can tell you what we think about it, share with our readers in the comments section below. Good Morning Pakistan!

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