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Best Places for Adventure in Pakistan

Good Morning Pakistan brings you top-notch best places for Adventure in Pakistan. This is just the beginning of this great travel and adventure series we will be doing for you.

Did you ever feel that tourism in Pakistan is hard to locate? We are here to change that.

So while travel in winters may become very limited in Pakistan. This is because the north freezes up, and it is cold in the hilly areas as well. Most areas are covered with lots of snow accumulation and constant snowfall from December into February. But, there are hidden jewels with perfect roads, good amount of thermal insulation or camping options that will not freeze you to death among your travel options.

Other than these options we have some options for which you might need to prepare a few months in advance and for that, you can start now and be ready to travel in 2020 March or April 2020.

Categories of Adventure in Pakistan:

For your ease, we have divided this list into 3 sections. The first one is for the adventurer who likes basic adventures. Perhaps, a trek or camp night would suffice for them, but they are only looking for something new and hence they are here.

The Second list is for a medium to the intermediate adventurer. These may be into adventure sports such as cliff diving, paragliding, or longer trekking tours with greater difficulty.

The third list is for the adventurer that has done everything on the list so far. Since this person is looking for something a lot more intense than these earlier options, we bring to that adventurer some rock hard adventure ideas.

Without further ado let’s looking into the Adventure in Pakistan ideas.

Adventure in Pakistan for beginners:

Your options as a basis adventurer are family resorts for hunting and camping, simple trekking tracks and perhaps a few adventure sports parks. Perhaps you are traveling with a family of all ages, or slightly under-motivated group of friends.

1. Rana Resort for Camping and Hunting

This is in Punjab, and this resort or its elite counterpart: Greenfields are equally good. These are located at Head Baloki and they allow you some great memory building opportunities. You can camp, fish and hunt here.

2. Khanpur Dam for Cliff diving and paragliding

Take your family to a place where everybody is happy. Khanpur Dam is exactly that. You can find activities targetted at younger ones to the older ones, and to the fearless ones.

3. Trail 5 in Islamabad

If you are into Trekking but you do not know where to start, Trail-5 Islamabad is your way to go. It is simple, it is short and it can surprise you. Warning: Some of your friends and family will give up in the middle of this one to two-hour trek.

Adventure in Pakistan for Intermediate travelers:

These are for more active people who like to have fun. Probably no child will hold you back on this trip. Although we have seen families and kids go up there, but in case you have a cry baby on board, the plan may be compromised.

1. Pipeline Track, Mushkpuri

This will take about 2 hours or more if you are sloppy or are want to go to a larger group of people. People will tell you to return but don’t listen to them. Keep true.

2. Nathiagali to Mushkpuri Track

This is a slightly more advanced and challenging version of the same track. The pipeline track from Changla to Mushkpuri is simpler. This one is just a notch up.

3. Fairy Meadows Track

This is perhaps the most advanced track for you if you have been in the trekking circles but not yet explored the farther north of Pakistan. This takes energy, fuel and you need to give it time! You need to prepare in advance. And you need to have the right mindset. Try to pack a few energy bars and a lot of positivity.

Adventure in Pakistan for Advanced travelers:

If you have already covered the Fairy Meadows then its time to try other great places like it.

1. Babusar Peak Trek and Camping Track

This is tough, the cold will be hard on you and you will get the thrills we promise. There is no place for quitters. So you will just have to keep moving.

2. Attabad Lake whitewater rafting, canoeing, and kayaking

If you have gotten your way around the beautiful Hunza, all you need now is your 4×4 to carry you to the lake where you can enjoy many whitewater adventures, rafting, and even Kayaking.

3. K-2 Base Camp

You have to really prep hard for this one. People from across the world come to stay at the K-2 Base Camp. They strive and persevere. Everybody returns home with blistered hands and cold sores. Some even with broken bones and bruises. This is the one for the extreme adventure sports lovers out there.

So, which one of these did you like the best? Let us know in the comments down below. Share your thoughts! And share this post with your friends and family!

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