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Top Honeymoon Spots in Pakistan

Honeymoon spots in pakistan beautiful

Honeymoon spots in pakistan beautiful

Are you recently married or looking for a safe and special honeymoon spot? It does not matter what your budget is if you are looking for decent top honeymoon spots in Pakistan then keep reading.

We promise you we have only listed the best of the best, through a thorough examination, investigation and full experience of each.

If you care about the quality of service, beauty of the location and the mood or ambiance of the place, then you will need this guide to find an unbiased option for you and your partner.

It is not easy to find good places or hidden gems, some places are shady, most online reviews are edited and even fake. So we decided why not share our experience and help you guys out.

1. Top Honeymoon Spots in Pakistan: Sweetooth Igloos, Attabad Lake

Nothing is more romantic than a clean lake, the shiny bright sky filled with stars and a beautiful view from an igloo where you are staying at. Sweetooth has changed what we thought of traveling up north.

It is clean, it is quality, the food is good and the interiors are brand new. If you are ready to break the ice in the icy glaciers then pack up and head to the igloos in the mountains of Skardu.

2. Top Honeymoon Spots in Pakistan: Lemon Lodges, Nathiagali

Speaking of good food, have you tried the Nathiagali Lemon Lodges? They are right under the Jessie’s Burgers Islamabad and Lahore’s famous burger joint in Nathiagali.

This is situated in a peaceful and calm area. You can find peace in the mountains and the skies will be clear. There is going to be a lot of snow falling so it can be the perfect backdrop for you to enjoy nature and the beauty of winters.

3. Top Honeymoon Spots in Pakistan: The Mont Calm, Kashmir Point, Murree

If you want to head to a mountain and enjoy beautiful rooms with ecstatic views, privacy, and silence, then the Mont Calm is your way to go. This is definitely one of a great honeymoon spots in Pakistan.

You will be served an amazing Breakfast and a classy BBQ Bonfire on request as an when you want it to be. Enjoy amazing movie nights and tinkering lights of the mountains cross by at night.

4. Arcadian Resort, Murree

If you love good interiors and bright mountain shrubs then this is the place to be for you. There is going to be a luxury private forest and balconies looking into the jungle. You can enjoy safe late-night strolls and incredible colors of the sky all day long from your bedroom window.

You can also enjoy the peace and comfort of this place, with zero disturbance.

5. Lockwood, Murree

If you want a family vibe but in isolation, you can head to the Lockwood hotels Murree. This is where all your Hum Tv and Geo Tv shows are shot at.

You can find beautiful rooms, suites and a lounge area with this one. It is in very close proximity to the main mall road. Which is just a Three-minute walk away from the main hotel.

6. Pearl Continental, Bhurban

If you feel too cold and want to go in December or January then you should go to Bhurban. It will be cold, there will be snow, but it will all be bearable. Nothing too crazy to kill the mood.

You can enjoy cozy afternoons in the sun, great buffets and amazing hot jacuzzis for night time comfort. This is luxurious and beautiful.

7. Fairy Meadow Cottages, Fairy Meadows

If you and your partner are into adventure then head straight to Fairy Meadows. But, the track is closed in winters and you can go there in Summers.

The timing is fit from April onwards, so start going to the gym now to enjoy this beautiful place with your partner where no one will interfere in your personal business. You can find solace with each other under clean skies.

You can easily look into these options as none of these have asked us to write about them, there is no sponsorship involved whatsoever. This is just a token of appreciation for some of our favorite options.

You can enjoy any of these places in peace, with your partner and there may be many more. You can share them with us if you have any other unique ideas, we would love to share more Honeymoon Spots in Pakistan with our beloved readers.

Keep loving, keep growing.

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