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Top 10 Pakistani Songs 2019

TOP 10 Pakistani Songs 2019

TOP 10 Pakistani Songs 2019

Sick of listening to your old music? Do you want to know what is new and what is being loved everywhere in Pakistan at the moment? Here are the top 10 Pakistani songs of 2019.


Top 10 Pakistani songs of 2019:

For those who hate everything, there might still be something in this list for you. And if you start listening to this one by one, we promise you your mood will change and you will feel amazing.

10. Dub Dub Jave

This woman is on fire. This song is blazing hot. It will have you swooning over her voice, the lyrics, the void of love it plays with and beautiful high and low notes. This is a deep song. Let it soak in.

9. Alif OST

Alif is the hottest new show around. Everyone is talking about it. Everyone is watching it. Everybody is loving it. Everything about this show is amazing. The Music scoring, the characters, the script and even the acting.

This is a great musical hit, and you hear it playing in malls, in cars, and on television.

8. Young Stunners Battle Rap Pepsi Black

Young stunners are a hit. They have been celebrated in the past few years and during their time off they were missed by their true fans. This video is legit so good, it changes the way we look at the music industry. The lyrics and the mood of this rap are super exciting. But, the video takes awards home. Beautiful lighting, amazing direction, and great cinematography.

7. Quadrum National Anthem

This song was strategically released one day before the independence day this year. It was a hit overnight. No surprises there. This track is a rendition fo the national anthem. It will give you goosebumps.

6. Pardadaari

Another great song released in August. This one is spiritual, it is emotional and it makes you feel so out of this world. You can quickly immerse into the message and the pain of these two melodic, heartfelt, pure voices.

And Lady Legend herself throws in mystic style and panache to make the lyrics a whole lot more personal for the listeners. Enjoy every second:

5. Top 10 Pakistani songs of 2019 #5 Bekaraan

Ali Sethi is another singer we are totally loving over these years. If you have heard Ali Sethi live, ever, you will know how true and authentic this voice is. It fills all the void in your heart listening to him. And this one definitely hits the spot.

The video is ecstatic, the whistling, Zeb Bangash and the beautiful choreography takes your heart away. This one can cheer your mood up when you are super low. Take your self away and enjoy life once again with the power of melody this song will give you.

4. Ek Aur Ek

We love how Hania Amir is casually singing and participating in this song. This one is a completely young and fresh addition to our playlist as well as of more than 9 million people.

The lighting and the mood of the video are also on point. Watch for yourself:

3. In Dino

It looks like we have a bias but no, Atif really is playing massive scores this season. This one hits all the right musical notes you need in life. This song is happy, positive and fun.

All the good vibes you need are here:

2. Wohi Khuda Hai

Can you believe that it has been less than a month since release? And this one is already crossing millions on multiple platforms. You can hear it in malls, in cars on traffic lights, on the radio, on television and even your Careem and Uber captains are playing it. One song, every class, every person is affected.

If you have seen it all over social media and ignore it then now is your time to hear it! Right here, right now. Enjoy it in peace please. You will love it.

1. Top 10 Pakistani songs of 2019 #1 Ghalat Fehmi

Ah. This one is the greatest one yet. It has been playing in cafeterias, in schools, in universities, in offices, in malls and even in the headphones of your younger sibling.

This is a great track, can’t get enough of it? Then here:

Top 10 Pakistani songs of 2019 Final Words:

Did we leave out any? Tell us! Like, share, comment! Good Morning Pakistan! Tell us which one of these is playing on your playlist tonight?

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