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7 Reasons Why You Need A LinkedIn Profile

Why you need a LinkedIn Profile

You may be wondering that LinkedIn is a boring platform and you don’t care about it. But, you should use it anyway and make a good looking profile just for the sake of your career. Here are 7 reasons why you need a Linkedin Profile! You can not deny the benefits of it once you understand them.

Why is a Linkedin Profile Important?

LinkedIn has many purposes like giving you a work profile online, showcasing your cv and also showing the things you have done to the professional world. It also helps in seeking new jobs and maintaining your personal brand.

Here are still more reasons why you should have a good profile:

1. Don’t look like a social climber

It is for events like when you know someone from a work or school connection, but you don’t know them too well. You can not add them on Facebook or Twitter, you should definitely look them up and add them to your LinkedIn account.

Adding someone you just met on any other platform looks stalker-ish and might make you seem like a social climber. Especially work-related people such as your boss’s friends or clients. You can, however, add them on LinkedIn and it will look good. This is how it works.

2. Powerful jobs are why you need a LinkedIn Profile

There is a job board. You can look for jobs here and directly apply too. Mostly senior officials and CEOs post jobs there so you are likely to be seen. The person hiring will directly click on your profile, look at your work and personality. If you fit with their brand they will call you up.

You can search for jobs from keywords and locations that are meaningful to you.

You can also turn on your “I’m interested” button. This will show recruiters know you’re open to hearing about new opportunities. LinkedIn will hide this button from people at your current company.

You don’t need a premium account but if you love the service you can upgrade anytime.

2. You can build your brand

Just like any other brand, you have to build your professional brand online. And no Facebook or Twitter is not a true representation of a personal brand. Be a professional show the Work you have done and the person you are where it is meant to be.

You can also show what differentiates you from others in your industry? This can help you amp up your salary and even increase your demand.

Instead of making a personal website which mind you seem very cocky unless you are an artist and it is okay for you to be cocky; LinkedIn is a great tool. You can showcase your portfolio and ideas to recruiters and competitors here.

All you need to get started is a profile summary, a portfolio, and a good decent looking profile picture.

3. It can help rank your name on Google

If you apply anywhere else, it is likely that in today’s day and age the person employing or recruiting Google’s you. When they check you out on Google and see no LinkedIn they may go to, Facebook or Twitter and they may find things that turn them off. This may even make you look nonserious or even unimpressive.

Here’s why LinkedIn is important: Ranking on Google’s first page is difficult. But, LinkedIn is a well-known and powerful network and it will show you sooner than any other item related to your name.

4. Maintain your old of contacts

People you find motivating, people you met at a college gala or a conference, you can add them up here. You will not look creepy, especially if you had a one-on-one conversation with them and or met them recently.

It is a new way of keeping business cards. LinkedIn is your business card btw.

5. You can research

If you have applied for jobs and you want to look at the kind of company you have applied at you can look at the entire management and employee list on LinkedIn. This is some next-level stalking that can help you prepare for the interview and following steps of recruitment.

Following a company on LinkedIn will keep you updated with information. Employers and companies share news and insight. You can always check their wok and happenings out if you are interested in them.

6. See what is happening in your industry

When you connect to people from your industry you can see all of their intl on your timeline. You can see who is going where doing what and creating what. This can help you combine information about your industry and how it is changing daily.

7. Network, network, network!

You don’t have to do the physical effort of meeting people now, calling them and staying touch. And LinkedIn exactly how you do it.

LinkedIn, is a formal social networking platform. It is for professionals in every field and that is right, business people.

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