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10 Reasons Why Alif is Important for Our Society



Alif (الف‎), is making a lot of waves. You go to a relatives place they are watching it. You go for shopping the shopkeeper is watching. Then, you go to school or work and your friends are talking about it. It is everywhere.

Under the direction of Sana Shahnawaz and Samina Humayun Saeed and the talents of the Epic Entertainment production house, this show is being produced. But, here is why it is important and it is good that people are loving it so much.

10 Reasons Why Alif Is Important for us:

1. Stellar Cast:

Undoubtedly, Pakistan has definer its stars. These are Fawad Khan, Hamza Ali Abbasi, Humayoun Saeed, Shaan and Noman Ijaz. There are many other male actors too. But, somehow these are a recipe for success.

This show uses the powerful following of these actors and actresses. We see strong actors in strong characters, for example, Manzar Sehbai as Abdul Alla, Hamza Ali Abbasi as Qalb-e-Momin, & Sajal Aly as Momina Sultan. These are just the basics, there are so many others and the cast is just lit.

2. Religious Nuances:

We are emotional. Religion makes us emotional and this show definitely hits a nerve in a cathartic way. The drama begins with a junior boy writing a letter to Allah. requesting for the return of his father

The child asks for the return of his father. This is both emotional and gripping. We need to have such discourse with our children about spirituality at a young age, death, and life.

3. Very Well Written:

The show is backed up by literature and has strong dialogues. We need good dialogues in order to communicate better.

It is written by Umera Ahmed based on her novel of the same name and directed by Haseeb Hassan.

Alif revolves around the journey of a rebellious film-maker and a struggling actress, both having disturbed pasts.

As the name suggests it shows the relationship between the Arabic alphabet and us. It touches upon sensitive topics with great flair and this is the kind of fiction we should be seeing instead of Saas Bahus.

5. Timing Of Alif:

The drama serial premiered on 5 October this year. It comes on the prime slot of 8:00 pm PST every Saturday on Geo TV. It has beautiful cinematography making it a perfect treat for the weekends. And a weekend treat with the family is essential for actively engaging with the discourse.

6. Philosophical and Religious Crossovers:

Alif hints upon existential questions. These questions about life and what it means are rarely a subject on our tv shows.

We are now seeing how the lives of all the characters are connected with this single alphabet. These religious crossovers are cathartic and symbolic for our disturbed souls.

7. Sweet undertones of innocence:

Young Momin posts the letter in a letterbox in a jungle. This is where most people will develop a sense of sympathy and likeness for him. In the first episode, this gives you the view of the world that the world is not a cruel place. There is some beauty left in the shape of innocence.

8. Glamor:

Momin is a legend later in life. He is a popular and successful film director. He is cocky and unashamed.

Hamza Ali Abbasi plays the young casanova-tic momin quite well. Although he has a girlfriend that he likes very well. Sadaf Kanwal rocks the role and our eyes. The scenes with her are all the glory, they are visually a treat!

9. Relationships:

The relationships are intense. But, yet again the sweet girl is shown to be a simple girl from a relatively simpler family. The world is immodest and too cruel for her.

The audience also develops feelings for her because her brother is a kidney-patient and she is pious. Noble traits and the sibling relationship give the show another moral plotline.

Similarly, the relationship of the child Momin with his mother and father is also commendable. This gives us hope in ourselves that anything bad can be reversed in the end.

10. Background scoring:

Momina Mustehsan and Asim Azhar just did the best number possible. The song is already on top charts and it is just soothing to your ears!

So when are you watching Alif?

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