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Hidden Ali Sethi Music Videos You Should See Right Now

ali sethi

ali sethi

Everybody loves Ali Sethi. But, not everybody has seen every video of this musical mastermind and creative genius. So, here are some Hidden Ali Sethi Videos and Music videos that you should see right now.

Ali Sethi Performing at Harvard

Did you know that Ali Sethi is a Harvard Graduate? Well, yes, this guy went to Harvard. It is a dream of a school for many people. Many selected geniuses Pakistani students make it to Harvard and this lad was one of them in his time.

This is a short video of Ali performing back in his university after all this time. Not many people have seen this so here it goes. Beauty for your viewing pleasure.

Ali Sethi Sings Lata and RD Burman

Loved that goodness? Here is more for you. Ali Sethi is full of pure love for ragas and strong flair in his music. Here is a video of him live to jam and honestly, it is so wonderful to watch him do a lyrical masterpiece of ages ago. You must have heard your parents sing this song or hear it, but Ali Sethi sings it to give your body swoons.

He says ‘It has a special melancholy, it feeds the spirit… A hundred salams to Gulzar, RD Burman, Lata Mangeshkar, and Kishore Kumar’. And well, the song certainly does. ESPECIALLY, in his voice.

Agar Tum Sath Ho

Here is the song of the Millennial Generation of Urdu-Hindi origins. Enter Agar Tum Saath Ho, it is lovely and live right here for you. He adds all of his vivid energies into your soul. This is why you need to go to one of his actual concerts!

Ali Sethi Sings Ahd-e-Wafaa

The subcontinent has a history of giving Ghazal its true and refined form. Ghazal originates from Arabic culture and this has been tuned and tweaked by Urdu poets from across the former subcontinent. Pakistan’s own history has been rich in many Ghazal singers, writers, and even composers. Here is a great throwback for some of the old folks. Ali Sethi does it best.

A tribute: Overseas Pakistanis and Qandeel Balouch

Here is some global pop-styled fusion rap for your sweet listening ears. This one is a collaboration between the Swet Shop Boys and Ali Sethi. The video relates to any Pakistani young millennial living Abroad.

The developed countries are a dream of many people living in Pakistan, like in other underdeveloped countries elsewhere. But, many first-generation Pakistan-Americans struggles between identity crises and a gap between cultures. They find it hard to gauge what is actually their own culture and who are they. So here is an ode to them and Qandeel Balouch by these men.

Patari Funkariyaan: With Ali Hamza

We all love the Patari originals. God knows Patari has a sense of humor and a sense of taste. So well, here is a unique and funny combination of two of Pakistan’s sweetest and nicest rockstars: Ali Sethi and Ali Hamza. Both come from illustrious families filled with heritage and yet speak to the most common man in the simplest forms. Here they sing Punjabi Tappay sung traditionally by women on wedding Dholkis and sometimes men as well.

Like this one? Also, read Ali Sethi in Coke Studio Season 12. Music has been a part of our heritage. And these young singers help in de-stigmatizing it and changing the orthodox opinions. Tell us what do you think about it?

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