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CokeStudio 12: Everything Lovable, Hateable and Controversial

Controversies about Coke Studio 12

Controversies about Coke Studio 12

CokeStudio 12 is here. It is on fire. It is 4 episodes out and we are hearing great songs that are already playing on a loop in our playlists. But, not everything is great about something right. o here are all the lovable and hateable things about Coke Studio Season 12.

Lovable: CokeStudio 12 Rohail Hyatt is Back:

Previously bands like Strings and Ali Hamza of Noori The Band, have had the honor to produce the show’s music. This is exciting because these bands are very close to the music scene, they are super well seasoned and they understand what works in Pakistan both musically and commercially. But, the results were not up to mark. Anyway, Rohail Hyatt is back and things are going fast this season.

Hateable: Jewish Conspiracy and Cultural Attack on Pakistan:

There are many rumors about why and how it was not possible to deliver. Among them, people blame a lot on imaginary forces who wish to destroy the nation through musical interference. Wow, this sounds like a movie anyone would see coming straight out of India’s Balaji Telefilms Studio.

Hateable: The selfishness of Ali Hamza and Strings:

Among lousy things you here about Coke Studio like coke produces all the music to redefine culture in Pakistan, it is a Jewish Conspiracy and a lot more this one was the worst one: That these old bands are snubbing the new artists on purpose so that there is no star like them. We are Pakistani’s we have more emotion in our bodies than blood and this is why our nation is on a nerve all the time.

We quickly judge and bicker about things and the musical integrity and the love for the art of these bands is one of the things that we could easily comment on. Without respecting their service to the nation and the span of their history with the art being discussed: music.

It is absolutely hateable that people think that veteran artists such as the members of Strings nd Ali Hamza can have ulterior motives regarding a major project that affects millions globally. It is foolish to think this way.

Hateable: The Budget Constraints and Pressure:

Coke understood that this season was the final hit or miss. If CokeStudio failed this time, it will have to rise from the ashes like a phoenix that is rare in Pakistan’s soil. So everything is bigger and better. There is a lot more investment that shows on the set, in the costumes, lighting and even instruments. The truth is that it is all about the money you pour in. Budget cuts allow poor quality music and good budgets with the least amount of corporate interference lead to the best projects.

Lovable: Rohail Hyatt’s Management and Creative Direction:

CokeStudio 12 is going strong. This is because not only Rohail Hyatt has a lot of experience of handling the pressure groups, artists and the brand but also because the administration part of Coke is a lot less finicky this time. They are letting the artist do its job.

The Commerical Truth about CokeStudio 12:

This has allowed the budget to be huge, the creative power to be in control of the music producer and the attempt to turn Coke Studio into a commercial hit, more effort has been invested into making it an Artful and tasteful musical project.

After a long time what CokeStudio is doing is its celebrating art and churning our music that is created for pure listening pleasure. This is true for tracks like Roshe and Uzair Jasmal’s Number. This is why it is so much better and so less commercial this time around.

CokeStudio is back. This is clear with songs like Wohi Khuda Hai, Billo, Ali Sethi Track and a lot more than Coke Studio is sending our way this time.

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