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Talash: The Pakistani Action Movie We Should Be Seeing Right Now

Talash by ARY Films

Talash is a film by ZeeKay films. I saw the movie with a grain of salt. What about you? Well, before we get too salty about it lets give it a fair review under the right context. So here is the Review of a Pakistani Romantic Action Movie: Talash.


Pakistani movies get a lot of heat. People from the country are its biggest critics. Then follow the overseas Pakistani’s. Then the people living abroad who are relatives of the Pakistanis living here, these people do not consider themselves Pakistani even if they may be Urdu speaking or be somehow connected to the land of the pure. The movies are bound to get crippled here in such circumstances. But, like any great industry, the Pakistani cinema is trying to strive and push through growth hacking.

Having this said and understanding the ‘Infant-Industry argument’ which says that you let a young business grow without large businesses such as larger movies with greater budgets from bigger film industries, to cripple it. This is now possible since we have a small ban on certain films from ahem, certain someplace.

Review of Talash:

Now let’s look at what our cinema is doing though the case of Talash. This movie was set to release this month and it did. It hs been doing fine but by the time we were able to see the halls were not house-full, to say the least.

Now that we have build up the context of the review, let’s take a look at the promo of the movie to get you going. Here is the first look of Talash:

Now you may be thinking that the movie looks a plate full of stereotypes but it is not. The musical track is critical to the success of the movie and most days you will want to see such a refreshing movie in the theatre.

It is not a low-budget movie that is clear. This is clear because, like any other movie it has a stellar cast, fancy clothes, really cool makeup and a lot of sponsors apart from being a commercial movie with some shots taken in Mango and SPLASH, the movie has been shot using some of the top-notch camera and production equipment available.

Critically Speaking:

Here is another sneak peek into what to expect from it for a viewer who does not know what this movie is about:

This is a movie for the masses. You will not like it if you can not enjoy it as entertainment and not as a critical response essay on the relationship with our neighboring country, or the way Capitalism works, or the way women are dressed and how that projects their image on the screen. This is not a representation of ideas that we should be working towards. But, it is still funny, smart and cute. The action in the film is at heart Pakistani.

This movie is a lot of things but not boring. If you have the appetite for fun and colorful movies then this one should be it for the Weekend. And if you want a critically acclaimed picture go fo Ferrari V Ford or Charlie’s Angels, depending on your taste. But, movies are essential and this is how they will improve. We will always have our favorites like Cake, and Dobara Phir Se, but are they commercially successful? Not really. So Good Morning Pakistan!

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