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Here’s How Geo’s Alif is Making People Crazy

Geo's Alif

Geo's Alif

Geo’s Alif: It is hot, people love it, people are obsessed with it and it is important for society. Here is the best and the worst about it.

Reasons why Geo’s Alif is Making people crazy:

1. It is Meaningful:

Alif explores different themes. It is about spirituality, the film and television fraternity, the urban class differences, the differences in ideas and closemindedness relating to the empowered woman.

Unlike family bickering and politics these themes provide a moral and rational introspection. They let you look into yourself. People are hooked because such content is not available in the mainstream media, and for once a new and positive concept is out there.

2. It is Glamorous:

It is always fun to see stars on television. Geo’s Alif allows us to the backstage life of these stars in a glamorized way and we are loving it. We want to know the dirty secrets of the film world. And that show helps in painting a picture of our imagination.

3. Beautiful Travels in a Dream World

Each episode is shot beautifully. Some of the scenes are from Karachi. Some of the scenes are in Lahore. Others are shot in Islamabad and a beautiful local hill station. Some of these scenes are shot in Instanbul.

These locations show us the lifestyles of different places. The differences in these lifestyles help us believe the show even more. We feel like we are a part of this imaginary world.

The show with its script and dialogues takes us into a dream world. This dream world does not have the terrorism, the traffic, the pollution, the smog or the rush of our daily lives. It allows you to escape into their realm of unknown beauty and colorful images. This is so much better than our everyday commute, our offices and homes, this is why men and women are both loving Geo’s Alif.

4. Difficult Choices on Geo’s Alif

The show explores emotional and social dilemmas.

Whether to love someone or let go? Should you be ready to believe in miracles of life or be realistic? Perhaps to focus on your career or focus on your family?

5. About 51% of Pakistani women relate with Sajal Aly’s Character Momina Sultan

The show also attempts to challenge the problem many women in Pakistan face. The problem of quitting work after their marriage. This force or pressure from your in-laws makes 51% of the local population unfit for working within a few months of their eligibility.

Women in Pakistan are married usually after their school, college or university ends. This happens to doctors, engineers, rich and poor women, everyone. Apart from a niche that is daring enough to let their girls work, not many women are allowed to. Once they are allowed to, they are ready for marriage and they’re in-laws instantly request her to quit her job.

This prerequisite is a character dilemma. While we want to see a lot more on this and a rebel or a debate, the current situation in the show is that the in-laws of the protagonist has been silent and did not do anything to convince her after she returned them their gift money for finalizing the knot or the rishta.

6. Slow Build Up

The 9th episode aired on Saturday, and it is still building up to a time where Sajal will meet Kalbe Momin (Hamza Ali Abbasi) again and start a critically acclaimed movie that so many people have shamed or refused.

So now after all these personal and social complications that characters are probably ready to meet. Kalbe momin has received a box full of his letters to God, and he will definitely find a place to start writing the movie. Meanwhile, Sajal as Momina is ready to be in a movie in Hollywood.

Soon they will both unite and it will be the start of something new, something that the audiences have been waiting for.

Are you watching it too? Let us know if you are. And if you are not, then what are you waiting for? Good Morning Pakistan! Choose your entertainment wisely!

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