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The Only 6 Outfits A Stylish Woman Needs

Are you wondering how to amp up your style a bit? If yes then this article with giving you ideas about Outfits A Stylish Woman Needs. These wardrobe staples can help you keep a minimal and perfect wardrobe that has something for every occasion.

Chances are you will have most of the items, if they look a little shabby then it is time to upgrade that. Any stylish person belives in well-coordinated, minimal but good looking pieces. You do not have to have something so out there like in the picture below:

But, notice the color blocking, contrast and the simplicity of this look. The shoe adds a beautiful edge to the whole outfit. We bring you simple combinations that make you look super classy, comfortable in your own style, graceful and gorgeous.

So, here we go.

The Only 6 Outfits A Stylish Woman Needs

1. Black Bell Trouser with a Black Kurta

Mahira Khan has become a fan choice. She stands out with her bold style statements and simple makeup looks. A simple no-makeup look is always a plus. But, if you want more then here’s what actually makes her stand out in the picture of her below:

The color. She is wearing a beautiful black colored solid outfit. It is so familiar yet the buttons and the sleeves make it very unique and close to Mahira Khan’s Humsafar style. A formal black kurta and a black trouser are definitely one of the Outfits A Stylish Woman Needs in Pakistan.

2. White Chikan Kurta

We are loving Sadfaf Kanwal at the moment. She is stylish, beautiful and very original. From heavy lush eyebrows to beautiful hair color, she shows off her pink lip with this stunning white kurta.

A Chikan or self embroidery kurta is another urban city staple if you like to go out much. In the neighboring country, many stars both male and female also rock such kurtas, including Deepika Padukone, Priyanka Chopra, Amitabh Bachan, and Aishwarya Rai.

A plain white kurta for a formal or casual look is a great tool. This is one of the favorite traditional outfits A Stylish Woman Needs. You can also pair it with an Ajrak shawl or a Short Bodice for added traditional oomph.

Sadaf Kanwal in a Beautiful Chikan Kurta

3. A standard Lawn/Linen Kurta with a Plain Trouser

The printed lawn is not going out of style ever. Get a Kurta in winter fabric for winters and a summer fabric for summers. You can pair it with a plain white fabric. Keep this look for the day time. In winters you should ask your mother for one of her premium shawls and wear it with the kurta for a classy elegant, modern daytime look.

In summers, usually a white chiffon or light fabric dupatta in a neutral tie and die can be a great wardrobe staple to improve this look. Or you can go for a 3pc.

4. A High Neck with Plain Yoga Pants and a Formal Scarf

If you want to try something modern then go look for a high neck. A white high neck works, but black is better. This can be perfect for winters. Add a pair of tights, leggings or yoga pants under it. Add a scarf made out of wool or silk on top, and you are ready to roll out.

This can work for many days, by switching up the colors of the scarves and the shoes you pick.

5. A Go-to Hoodie, Black Pant and a T-shirt

Whether you like to wear a Hijab or carry your hair open, this is a great way to showcase your airport look for college, university and casual shopping times.

Bandana and Toony Tees are our favorite places for such a thing. This can be changed, made more versatile with a different t-shirt each time, and it is one of the outfits a stylish woman needs for more comfortable days.

6. Stiff Rawsilk 2pc Suit and a Formal Pair of Heels

This is one of the outfits a stylish woman needs for formal occasions and dinner nights with family and friends. A simple pair of heels will make all the difference.

More About Outfits A Stylish Woman Needs:

You do not need to rely on any type of clothes. If you want to wear a hijab do it by all means. If you like to show skin, do that too. No woman should be stopped from showcasing her true self. The true self shines more than the clothes we copy from others. And this is the beauty of having your own style.

Keep exploring, keep learning, keep growing! Good Morning Pakistan!

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