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35 Wild, Nonsensical and Reasonable Things To Do Before You Are 40

Things To Do After You Are 40

You always come across these bucket lists and these life goals that seem so unattainable. Not this time. Here are absolutely crazy but attainable; 35 wild, nonsensical and reasonable Things To Do Before You Are 40.

Life can be hard and it can harden us all up. If you do not want to be a jerk when you are a 40-year-old then live to the fullest now. It does not matter whether you do all of this alone, with a wife or a partner, with friends or siblings. Just doing it can take the edge off of your overly used up brain that is likely to simply fry up when you are 40.

Being wild or spontaneous is essential in life is essential to bring back the feeling of being young and hip. Or even to feel alive. If you want to feel like you have lived right then have these things off of your to-do list and stay fun.

Wild Things To Do Before You Are 40:

  1. Climb a mountain
  2. Drive a boat
  3. Camp in a jungle overnight
  4. Dive into the sea (try to swim but be careful)
  5. Drive on a highway at your best possible speed (if you have a driving license and if you can handle the car)
  6. Run a marathon or better: plan a marathon with your friends
  7. Shower in the open
  8. Work in another city
  9. Try reiki or an ayahuasca
  10. Inhale from a helium balloon
  11. Design your own clothes
  12. Get your hair crimped

Life is not all roses and stars, so it is essential that we get back to the realities and plan some. Your future after 40 can be pretty scary and you will slowly become slightly lazier, non-fun and more reserved with time. While only some people are naughty after forty here are a few ways that recommend you to be serious when you are delirious.

Reasonable Things:

  1. learn how to cycle
  2. travel to another country
  3. Travel alone
  4. save up some money to fund yourself when in need
  5. Take a needy child to a buffet or an all you can eat style meal
  6. Work very close to your home
  7. Buy a car or atleast aim to
  8. Save up for your child’s education
  9. Get your house renovated for when you are old
  10. Take your parents out for dinner every week
  11. Get your parents the gift they have long deserved
  12. Give your wife or husband a surprise romantic rendezvous they will remember for the rest of their life
  13. Read a book on mid-life crises and how to deal with it

And yet again, life is not all about paying the bills, sending your kids to college and giving your parents what they are missing right now. It is about the small things in life that we forget to count as blessings too. This can be anything.

And if you are into small nothings then get into this one because at the end of the day the dollars you make or the food you bring to the table only gives you borderline happiness, and it becomes pointless at some point because of your robotic life. Here is how to feel human again even after you have spent 40 years on the creepy land called earth.

Nonsensical Things To Do Before You Are 40:

  1. paint with your feet or other body parts
  2. Take a shower in the rain as you used to when you were little
  3. Drink slushies until you have a brain freeze
  4. Have a pillow fight until you get feathers or cotton out of the pillow
  5. Play with the random kids in your street you do not know of
  6. Get a sugar high
  7. explore a passion-related business project as an entrepreneur
  8. learn how to cook your favorite meals and invite everyone over to have them
  9. dance the night off with the people you love the most
  10. Get bald or try a unique hairstyle

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