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Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World 2020

Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World 2020

The concept of travel is changing worldwide. If you are about to go on a honeymoon then here is a quick guide for you to make up your mind. Good Morning Pakistan Magazine brings you the Best Honeymoon Destinations in the World 2020.

What are the Best Honeymoon Destinations like?

The best honeymoon destinations are two things: very private and very comfortable. For a married couple who has just started living together, it is very important that they go to a place that they will face safe, and comfortable at. The place has to be clean, private and comfortable.

Going for a honeymoon to a crowded, noisy hotel in a busy city with a lot of pollution is not sexy after all. If you are planning to anytime soon then you should also know that many regions of the world are covered in snow right now. So for the next few months, your best options are tropical and subtropical areas with a balanced climate. Or, being close to the sea is also a great way to travel in moderation.

The best honeymoon destinations are not too cold that you have to layer ten coats and fifteen pairs of socks, neither are they so hot that you end up drenched in sweat and sticky skin feeling.

So for the best memories, look for the most balanced option in a moderate climate with preferably private areas and a lot of beautiful sceneries.

Best places that count as Honeymoon Destinations:

Looking forward to the first or the initial few trips with your partner as a man and wife? Well, here are a bunch of handpicked options for your romantic rendezvous. And hopefully, there will be many more to come!

1. The Maldives

Here is an exotic location that is a few hour’s flights from Pakistan. If you want comfort and beauty then this is the place to be at. Plus, it may be completely washed out by the end of this century so you might as well see it when you are young and it is there to be seen.

2. Bali

Have you heard of Bali’s amazing outdoor-indoor living hotels and resorts? Yes, they give you the comfort of a home but the beauty of a well-curated designer garden. What better than this as a honeymoon spot?

3. Turks and Caicos

Here is another name that is not very famous but these are small islands and they are known for hospitality and intimate mood all the time. You can enjoy large sunny beaches and cold winds here.

4. Venice

This is a good old Romantic Italian Love Spree Spot. You will love every moment of it, but you may have to ignore the mold-laden walls and the water that sometimes gets everywhere you do not want it to. Nobody likes a damp bed or a wet blanket after all. This is a beautiful but moist place.

5. Thailand

Thailand is close to Pakistan. It will not cost you as much as other options and it will be very fun because of the beautiful beaches and a lot of souvenir markets and shopping arcades.

6. Paris

Here is yet another global classic location for honeymooners. Everybody wants to visit the Eiffel tower and this can serve as a beautiful backdrop to the start of a new love story between you and your partner. The only downside is that it may be expensive.

So, which one of these are you obsessed with? Tell us you love them all as we do! Also, take the time out to read about these Honeymoon spots in Pakistan. Good Morning Pakistan!

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