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Top 5 Reasons Why Couples Breakup

Reasons Why couples breakup

We decided to bring to you 5 Reasons Why Couples Breakup. This is an important topic. Everybody who has ever been in love, or can be in love or wishes to love someone should read this.

We do not claim that these Top 5 Reasons Why Couples Breakup is the only collection of reasons why people choose to break up. But, well, these are some of the most heard and common things that happen to a relationship causing its end. Not all stories are meant to have a happy ending. Although every person should ideally have ‘their’ own unique happy ending with whoever destiny pleases to place them with.

Reasons Why Couples Breakup #1: Impatience

It is said that it is easy to fall in love. But, once you fall in love it becomes easier to fall out of love. This is because human nature never allows us to be fully happy. But, it will be biased to say that human beings can never be happy at all. The onset of love brings on happiness and joy. It makes things beautiful and lovable. Life feels valuable and interesting.

The impatience and the desire to have everything in its perfect shape drives man relationships out of love. This is the #1 cause for breakups globally.

Reasons Why Couples Breakup #2: Quick Crash

When people are newly in love the feel hooked on to the feeling. The excitement, the vulnerability, and the freshness of love are addictive. But, every high has a low and it fades with time.

This is all a play of our bodily hormones responsible for making us feel happy such as dopamine and endorphins that give us pleasurable vibes. Both of these are addictive and so is love. But, all good must come to an end. This is why just like a sugar rush you can come down from the highs of love very easily.

Reasons Why Couples Breakup #3: Rough Landings

When you get into a relationship with someone you mostly don’t think much. You enter without considering all the differences and the pain of sharing your life and lifestyle with someone else.

So, every time the relationship falls into the hard decisions and personality clashes it has a rough landing. And after a few rough landings, the plane begins to wear out and becomes unsafe for flight again. This happens when you launch with poor planning and poor flight skills that lack compromise and effort.

Reasons #4: Personality Wars

Some people are just not meant to work together. Although when there is a will there is away. If you want to make it work you can. If you are not ready to make an effort and especially if both people are not equally ready to make efforts to make it work then it will NOT work out for them. This is how nature works. You can not make someone respect something that they do not respect on their own.

Two angry persons can be compatible too. Two aggressive or passive people can work out together as well. Opposites attract too. Any combination of personalities can work, but if your personality clashes with the other person’s sanity and it makes it difficult for both people to give in their egos and surrender to love, then the chances of survival of the relationship are bleak.

Reasons #5: Toxicity

You could have guessed this one easily. Toxicity is the talk of our generation. And every inch of the society is filled with it. When two people can stand each other no longer, the relationship becomes toxic and poisonous for each other. A relationship should bring out the best from one another and not the worst.

This is why they should both add to each other’s peace of mind. Not their pains. When this does not happen, the relationship exhausts. And that means it will only drive the two people mad. And this is when one of the two realize and break apart.

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