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3 Craziest 1 Million Dollar Prize Competitions in the World

Among all the difficult ways to earn money here are 3 crazy ones. These are the 3 craziest 1 Million Dollar Prize Competitions from the world that demand one big talent and that is the love for food. So do you have to try what it takes to win 1 Million Dollar Worth Prize? If yes, then please keep reading.

If you love food then you must love these ways to earn money, or not? Let’s find out for real.

Craziest 1 Million Dollar Prize Competitions:

So here are these 3 of the most famous food challenges. These sound easy but, just look at the rules and decide for yourself if they are or they are not? Let’s resolve this riddle easily by inspecting them one by one.

1. The Gallon of Milk Challenge

The Gallon of Milk Challenge or the Milk chugging challenge is one of the less appealing ones. The rules of this game are that you have to finish up a gallon of cold unsweetened milk in one hour without vomiting or drinking or eating anything else in between.

So this sounds simple, right? Yes, it does. But, imagine a Gallon of milk. This is not flavored or caffeinated. So, what?Right? It is about a million dollars, who cares about the flavor right?

The difficult thing about this is that milk is thick. It starts to taste acidic after a while. And you can simply not have anymore. However, this one of the easiest one of these. This is not lethal. It is highly unlikely that someone gets milk poisoning. All it can make you do is throw up a little bit.

If you dare to try you can do this with friends and test it out.

2. The Cinnamon Spice Challenge

This is dangerous and not so delicious one. Cinnamon spice tastes delicious in cinnamon rolls and in Biryani. But it is a drying spice. A tiny pinch of cinnamon powder is enough to dry out your mouth and saliva for hours. You can try doing this but people have choked, coughed and have had really bad sinus attacks on this one in the past.

What you need for this is just a tablespoon of cinnamon powder and a timer or a stopwatch to time your performance. You will get 60 seconds to eat this whole spoon of powder. And doing this is a risky business and can choke you and give your chronic cough. This challenge has gotten about 70,000 mentions on Twitter per day in January 2012. The hype slowly fell after no one was able to do it by 2014.

This can be fatal and it can also take your life. Health practitioners warn that doing this challenge can cause lung failure and even pneumonia. The competitions have also ceased to exist now.

3. The Saltine Cracker Challenge

The Saltine Crackers are basically saltish crackers, or biscuits like the one by Peek Freans called Saltish. These are thin crackers, these are saltish and also go by the name of table crackers or cheese crackers. The challenge goes as the contestant should be able to eat 6 of these crackers in under 60 seconds without any liquid. Sounds easy again. But, these too, dry out your mouth and make it difficult to swallow or move the mixture.

You can also do this with LU’s TUC biscuit. In the Tuc version of this competition, the person will be required to eat them in under 60 seconds too, and following the same rule, they should be able to eat about six crackers without drinking anything. Sounds interesting right? Why don’t you start practicing today and then you can participate in a country fair or a carnival when you go abroad?

How To Win These 1 Million Dollar Prize Competitions:

1 Million Dollar Prize Competitions are easy to win if you try hard enough. You just need to make sure that you make 10x the saliva that a normal person does and that you are ready to compromise on your health for a million dollars.

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Would you try any of these? Or have you seen anyone try something like this out? Let us know if you think these are safe or not? Good Morning Pakistan!

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