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How to Cope with Depression

The year 2019 has been a year of talking about Depression. More and more people have realized the need to discuss openly what this sad mental and emotional state is. So many times you must have noticed your friends and family talk about this or someone you deeply care about going through this.

It is not important that depression comes from any real reason but it can be triggered through a number of things, in anyone at all.

keep calm and be happy.

What is Depression?

Depression is the state of being permanently sad. The person may feel like nothing is worth smiling or being happy for. When someone is chronically depressed, they may feel numb to all emotions and feelings. This is a state of depression that can happen to anyone.

Who can have Depression?

Anyone who lets the negativity of the world crushes their positive spirits for a little too long time can become a victim of depression. This mental state makes you feel helpless and hopeless. It can happen to anyone who has faced a lot of loss or emotional damage. It is a result of the way our society isolates us and leaves us to rot. However, this is a problem prevalent in the richer countries just as much as it is in poorer, developing countries.

Although a lack of love, financial constraints, a lack of inspiration or motivation to do anything at all can turn a person into a depressed human being. There is no solid definition of this word and it can take over any mind, no matter how strong.

Is Depression an Illness?

Yes, just like a high fever, plague or chickenpox, depression requires medical help and attention. There are chemicals in our body that make us feel happy or sad. When the sad hormones get out of control due to our physical and emotional surroundings it becomes difficult to deal with them. Unless you have some very powerful people who are willing to help you through it. Such as the influx of new love, a child or a friend.

How to Cope with Depression?

Here are a few steps that can help you cope with depression. Hopefully, you can use this for yourself or help someone you care about and these will help you alleviate the pain of this plague.

1. Accept that your mind is messed up.

The first step towards healing is accepting that you have been ill. You have been deeply hurt or broken. And for very long. But, you should know that your thinking and feeling abilities have taken a toll. You need to fix the way you think and feel and you should know that everything that you have been thinking about yet, was all biased in a negative way.

2. Accept the limitations of your point of view.

You have a bias about the way you think about things. When you consult with someone who truly cares for you and someone who understands what you are going through, they will tell you the same. They will help you see things differently. You have been close-minded. And that needs to change.

3. Listen to what others are saying carefully.

Sometimes, we stop listening to others. The words coming out of other people’s minds are important too. We are so stressed and dead inside, that we ignore others. All the time. We are in our own bubbles. This makes us insensitive.

We should always take a break from the loud screams that run in our heads and listen to the naive, funny, silly and sweet things that other people feel, share and go through. This can open up our hearts and make us soft again.

4. Think less, do more.

The more you overthink, the more you suffer. Not every time things are as messed up as your brain will have you believe so keep your head up, mind silent and shoulders straight. Keep walking towards your goals.

5. Let go of the worst mistakes and wrongdoings of life.

Sure, life is hard. But, so are you. When we think our minds are very limited. We can never be balanced and unbiased in our thinking. This is why you should get other people’s perspectives too. And you should always let go.

6. Recentre your mind and energies.

Think about the sweet things in life. Start taking small steps to happiness such as letting yourself have some junk food, say an extra prayer, go to a park and dance to a random tune. Things will be better.

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