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Police Raid on Shahbaz Gill’s Room in Parliament Lodges

Islamabad Police just raided PTI leader Shahbaz Gill’s room in Parliament Lodges late Monday around 11:30 Pm and according to the resources, they have recovered weapons, a satellite phone, and foreign currency.

According to details available from different media houses, the raid was carried out under the supervision of a senior superintendent of police (SSP) along with some ladies’ police force with other police officials and Gill accompanied them in handcuffs.

A pistol was recovered during the operation; however, Gill refused to take ownership of the weapon.

According to the media houses apart from the weapon, a satellite phone and USBs have also been recovered from the room. Moreover, his wallet, which was missing, has also been recovered in which two of his CNICs were also found. Along with all these two passports were also recovered.

Shahbaz Gill told journalists who are also there at the time of the raid that he had no clue how come his wallet is recovered from the phone because according to Gill he left the wallet in the car the day he was arrested.

Answering the journalist Gill added that he can sense someone came into the room during his period of custody and planted all these things here. He added that the room is not in the same position as he left when he was in the room.

Police have now taken Gill to Punjab House and will conduct a search operation there as well.

According to sources, the police raided the room to recover the script read by Gill on the private TV channel.

Source: GEO NEWS

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