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Does Your Partner Have Commitment Phobia?

Here is a question that often comes to our mind but we are scared or lazy in addressing it. The question is Does Your Partner Have Commitment Phobia? So here are a few signs that can help you know for sure if he or she is reluctant to open up fully and give you the right kind of loving and respectful.

Who can have a Commitment Phobia?

Commitment phobia is not just limited to men. Any woman can also show signs of a phobia or being scared of being in a long term commitment with someone. Such people deeply believe that relationships can cause pain and thus it is best to run away from the serious parts of them and not commit or stick to the relationships.

According to psychology, this is because these people have gone through some kind of abuse or may have seen an abusive relationship in their early or growing years. When we are children we basically do not understand what life is. We do not know how relationships work. But, there is a sense of love and a yearning for attention.

Here’s how to understand Commitment Phobia:

Either when a child is neglected in their childhood or when they see one of their parents, siblings or someone they truly care for is neglected in their relationships they develop these commitment issues. This phobia runs deep in our society where broken relationships and modern dreams and ideals make it very difficult for our young emotional selves to survive without any baggage.

This is why it is important to address these issues and understand how to move ahead of them, whether they are in you or in your partner. So here are few signs that can help point it out.

Signs relating to tendencies of commitment phobia:

1. They have short relationships

This is one of the signs that they could be noncommittal. Well, but, you choose to believe this is because you are the one and nobody loved them right, in reality, it is because they did not let anyone or give the other person the environment to.

2. They can not preplan

They don’t like to plan for their birthday or sibling’s wedding in advance, they are scared of saving up money for the future. Beware of such people. Also, they do not know if they want a job or a business. These are confused people who can not see what their future holds.

3. They can not give you their word

If they do not say things like ‘sure’, or promise. They are scared of disappointing you by not living up to your agreement or standards. It is okay, they have been hurt. But, your past does not warrant your future’s mess. The cycle has to break and you need to softly confront them on this.

4. They say ‘maybe’, ‘probably’, ‘we will see’ a lot

If someone is leaving a lot to luck then you should know that this someone does not trust the way things are currently. They think that anything good or bad can happen and they leave a lot to the bad faith in things. So if they are a person overusing these words, address it and work on it on a subconscious level.

5. They are okay with touch, not with emotions

If someone is okay with being touched or to touch you but not okay with sharing emotions, there is a problem. This needs to be addressed through communication. And communication on this one is going to be hard.

Some more clear cut signs:

Are you scared that they do not want a commitment then look out for these?

1. Your relationship is undefined
2. They are scared of using the L-word
3. They use another code word for “boyfriend” and “girlfriend.”
4. They don’t have old friends
5. They are inconstant

If you need to guess, then you should know that it is most likely that it is a no from them. Take their love and their cute things with a pinch of salt and have the guts to reduce your interaction.

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