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Holiday Goals: Floating Breakfasts

Floating Breakfasts

Floating Breakfasts

Are you a travel enthusiast? We would judge you if you say no. We need to talk about Floating Breakfasts and how they are so lit. If you are traveling anytime soon then you should read about this amazing phenomenon. If you want to travel once or twice in your life to another country, then too, remember this.

Why are Floating Breakfasts Genius?

This is a recent trend. You can see it all over travel blogs. And like an idea, it is sweet and superb. If you have to try to eat in a pool ever before then you know how crazy it can be. French fries in a pool seem like such a great idea but, they are in reality only a recipe for disaster. If you try eating fried food in a pool, it gets soggy, the plate scoops water in it and there is oil all around you. But, Bali had better ideas.

Theses floating breakfasts are a great way to combine the best of every world. They add beautiful looking, tasty tasting and pool-friendly food in a floating tray and suspend it in the water. It is offered in many countries. But, this is a trend that was started by Bali.

The water trays are a genius hack and prevent the pool or seawater from getting greasy and make it easier for you to grab. You can share this breakfast with a loved one in a private pool too. The beautiful backgrounds and breathtaking infinity pools that are offered by these luxury resorts are other pluses for this.

Infinity Pools or Floating Breakfasts?

The world was not over Infinity pools yet, and now places like Bali and Maldives have shown to us another beautiful way to live your fantasy life. These Floating Breakfasts are given in a large tray, this is waterproof, and it comes with thick boundaries. The tray is filled with exactly the kind of things you will want to have in a pool.

The Food in Floating Breakfasts:

This means exotic fruit, amazing slushies, acidic drinks and sometimes even soothing gree tea and herbal extracts. They add a whole layer of carbohydrates, which means everything you want in a breakfast. Multigrain bread, fancy butter, and amazing croissants.

Is it Unhealthy?

Floating breakfasts are not unhealthy. In fact, there are many people who even suggest that having food in a warm pool is therapeutic. It awakens your senses and especially if you are exhausted it helps refuel.

Halal or Haram:

You can also get non-ham and non-alcoholic versions fo this on request in the majority of hotels. You can request them to do a vegan version for you as well. Apart from that many travel places are now offering halal chicken too.

This is true lavish living. Would you care for floating breakfasts or do you have better holiday plans? Let us know and share your views! Because who knows when our deepest desires come true, it can be anytime! So, cross your heart and make a wish. Good Morning Pakistan.

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