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How To Improve Your Relationship Standards (For Men)

Why should you want to improve your relationship standards?

Yes, you can improve your relationship standards. And this will improve your quality of life, happiness, reduce fights, cut the drama and help you be saner and focus on more important things like having a career and a good family life or a social life. All of these are important but a curt relationship can ruin it all for you. So here is how to improve your relationship standards (a guide for men).

Why should you want to improve your relationship standards?

A man or a woman should not be in a relationship whereby their needs are not fulfilled. If you are being ignored or you are not giving the right kind of love that you want from them then there are two ways to go about it:

You make sure that you get what you want by communicating and helping the other partner understand what you want. You have to train the other person about what kind of love you want from them.

How to improve your relationship standards:

Here’s how to start:

1. Communicate and set the mood

You need to ask the other person what they want from you and you need to tell them what you want from them. Then, you need to tell them what you can give to them and ask them what they are willing to give to you. Later, you too should settle on a middle ground after this clearcut conversation.

If your needs are not clear then this means while you are probably okay not asking these things, they are causing problems secretly. When you do ask them, it makes a lot of difference to the way you two think and it might add to the cohesion that the couple needs. There may be some things that the other person may be thinking as well.

This can cause a lot of exposure to their minds and spur out fresh and interesting insightful conversations between you two before you are tied in a knot forever or never at all.

2. Discuss the kind of Fights you can not tolerate

Perhaps you do not have the time for the fights, or perhaps you have other issues going in your life as well or perhaps you are done with heartache you do not think that you can sustain yet another bickering fight. It is okay, your partner will stop contributing to these issues once you talk to them and tell them all of this.

Are you going to be one of those couples who start spitting bitter things about each other’s parents, or visit their friends place each time they fight or are you going to be a passive-aggressive couple where the fight goes on but no one confronts there are only small spikes of anger in the middle? You should discuss and find out what it’s going to be or is it going to be better between the two of you than the rest of them all.

3. Clarify, but do not commit

Yes, we understand that fate works in funny ways. So here’s what you should do, you should clarify. You should tell the other person that you may not be looking for marriage, you should also tell the other person if you might be interested in it at a later stage. Then you should confess if it will be possible at all or not. This will be the premise of your relationship and should not be based on a lie or just doubts

You should define your expectations from the other person right away. And be sure that the other person can meet it and that it is fair and honest and nothing too unreasonable.

This should improve the standard for your relationship and make things exciting for you other than making them hard to deal with and toxic. Good Morning Pakistan!

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