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Remembering Allama Iqbal: 3 Poems to Light You Up!


Allama Iqbal: Poet, Thinker, Writer, Leader.

The creation of Pakistan is not a random occurring, it is a product of strong ideologies. Pakistan’s underlying premise is on the stories of people, sacrifices, ideological wars, and political strikes. In the stories of many, we often forget the stories of those who employed the seeds of separation. Pakistan has large assets in the shape of the glorious ideas of Iqbal. And yet, we see little to affect in the urban and rural towns of the land of the pure.

Allama Iqbal: A Philosopher-Poet

Firstly, Iqbal’s words remind us of what patriotism essentially means. Secondly, they remind us how life needs to be simpler and yet based on strong principles, fairness, decency, and morality.

There is an age-old discussion in the world. Moreover, this discussion begs the question of whether religion predates morality or were there any nice people before there were religions too?

Such is the work of Iqbal. He was a philosopher-poet and according to many Greek thinkers today a Philosopher-poet is the best kind of leader. He sings wisdom to his people and he leads with grace teaching others to do the same. Unlike the world, today, where are leaders, are lead by public relations managers and creative teams if not strong political groups.

Iqbal wrote books concerning the human self, the urban society, our biological makeup and our relationship with the existence of God.

Naturally, these questions pop up every now and then into our minds. That is exactly why the literature of Iqbal exists. It helped people of that time and even now to learn about the musings of the human brain and the word of Islam.

3 top Examples for you:

In Shikwa and Jawab e Shikwa he writes about an imaginative conversation with the creator. Naturally, He asks him why are there poor, why do people get rewards even when they are non-muslims, how can there be silence when there is exposure and so much more.

Then, Iqbal also wrote about the corruption of Muslim thought and society. A lot of which we need to listen to right now, right here.

AND THE ALL-TIME BEST ONE. If you love Junoon You have heard this one. Perhaps, we all have. Yet, we never gave it the kind of attention that we should. It has deeper meanings that you think!

So which one of these is your favorite? Let us know in the comments section below! And if you have more to share with us why not share that too? Remember Iqbal and Stay Tall! Good Morning Pakistan!

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