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Sindh High Court Orders Restoration of Twitter Services Nationwide

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The Sindh High Court has issued a directive to the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) to restore Twitter services nationwide. This decision comes amidst a case concerning the internet and social media shutdown across the country. The court expressed disappointment over the interruption of internet services despite its orders to the contrary.

A two-member bench, led by Chief Justice Justice Aqeel Abbasi, emphasized the importance of upholding public access to social media platforms in accordance with the law. The court ordered that solid reasons must be provided for any future internet shutdowns, and action will be taken against authorities if such reasons are not provided.

The case was adjourned until March 5, following a request from lawyers representing both the federal and Sindh governments. The adjournment allows for the gathering of additional responses and obtaining directions from relevant authorities regarding the restoration of internet services.

The directive follows reports of disruptions to Twitter and other social media platforms, sparking concerns about freedom of expression and access to information. The court’s decision underscores the significance of transparent and accountable policies regarding internet governance in Pakistan.

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